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Exterior siding serves the dual function of protecting your home and helping it to look great. Exterior siding is the material that covers the outer wall of your home. If you're having a new build done, your exterior siding choices are an important decision that will affect the overall look and weather proofing qualities of your home. However, you can also decide to have exterior siding fitted to an older home, either as part of a renovation project or simply to add extra durability and character to your home. Not only will it look wonderful, it can increase the market value, too.

When choosing exterior siding there are a lot of factors to consider. An ideal siding will be durable, water resistant, and able to stand up to the everyday weather conditions around your home. Exterior siding can have a beneficial impact on your home's energy rating and can help to insulate it.

There are many material choices available for exterior siding. Stucco, a combination of cement with sand or lime, is an ever-popular choice as it looks elegant, is hard wearing, and can be molded to suit any architectural style. There are many types of wood siding available, from elegant cedar planks and rustic split logs, to cheaper but still beautiful engineered wood exterior siding. Wood siding does need some periodic care and maintenance, but it is still a durable choice which looks very elegant and lends a home a lot of character.

There are also several stone sidings available, such as limestone, slate, and granite. Installing stone siding on an existing building is a specialist job and can be more costly to begin with, but stone does have the advantage of being one of the most durable sidings available, and the look of stone siding is very attractive and weathers beautifully. Brick sidings, made of fired clay bricks, are another popular choice, offering a warm, rustic look, and a long lasting finish that will withstand wear and tear with only minimal care.

When choosing the exterior siding material for your home, it's important to consider what will fit well with your home and climate, alongside what will look good on your home. The right exterior siding can add beauty, protect and insulate your home, and add value to it.

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