Building a Deck? Make Sure to Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Building a Deck? Make Sure to Avoid These 6 Mistakes

Decks are becoming an integral addition to homes. With more and more decks being built, it is critical that you ensure yours is built properly and with care. After all, decks can collapse when not built properly, which can result in injuries and possibly even death. Here are six mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when having a deck build or building a deck yourself:

  1. Unsealed Wood – When your wood deck is not sealed, the wood will age and deteriorate at a much faster rate than if the wood was sealed. Proper sealing will not only prolong the appearance of your deck, but it will also extend its longevity.
  2. Missing Railings/Open Riser Stairs – If your deck steps are missing railings or have open space between them, then there is an invitation for disaster. The best way to avoids injuries and accidents is to cover the risers and incorporate unique hand railings.
  3. Improper or Missing Joist Hangers – You need more than nails to hold your deck together. This is where joist hangers come into play and can help reinforce connections and support the overall deck. These joist hangers need to properly engineered, sized and installed.
  4. Inappropriate Decking Material – It is crucial that you use weather-resistant decking materials in order to help prevent rot and deterioration. This doesn’t pertain only to the wood, as it also means the fasteners (usually stainless steel is best).
  5. Undersized Footings – Footings are used at the base of your deck posts in order to create a solid foundation for the deck as a whole. When these footings are not of appropriate size, it can lead to warping, sagging and possibly even collapse of the deck.
  6. Inadequate or Missing Flashing – In addition to everything else, water management is a crucial part of building a deck. Water is known to seep into the home where the deck and the house connect. This is why the appropriate form of flashing should be installed in order to prevent erosion and deteriorated to the structural integrity of your deck as well as your home.

If you want to ensure that your deck is built with quality materials – and the right ones – and in an adequate manner, contact us at Structure Remodeling to receive more information on our deck construction.

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