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Imagine having the perfect home designed just for you. Having a home built from scratch is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a home that is exactly right for you and your family's needs and lifestyle. Whether you want an old fashioned rambling family home or a bright modern pad with lots of light, you'll find options to help you achieve it. If energy saving or using low impact eco friendly materials are a priority for you, you can incorporate those too. 

When it comes to building materials, there are a lot of options at your disposal. With professional advice you'll be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each, to decide what is best for your home. A wood frame is a common choice for your home, though steel and concrete blocks are also an option. Your choice of siding materials will depend on your budget, the climate where you live, and how you want your house to look. Stucco and brick are classic long-lasting choices, but wood also offers many advantages. 

You'll find there are countless options for the interior of your home, depending on what you like and what is important to you. You can position a family room to make the most of natural light, or the kitchen at the heart of your home. There are lots of high quality factory made options for the cabinetry in your home, such as in your bathroom and kitchen, or you can have custom made cabinets designed for your new home. Details such as lighting, storage and cabinets are an important part of having your home built, giving it character and usability. 

You'll also be able to choose flooring and decoration options that are just right for you. There are some attractive modern vinyls and carpets on the market today, and of course you can add natural stone or wood floors to some of the rooms if you want a rustic look. 

When it comes to the outside of your home, you might like to consider integrating a deck, porch or sunroom to provide a link between inside and outside and give you a place to sit and enjoy your garden when the work is done and your home is built. 

If you're looking for a home that is perfect for you and suits your budget too, a new build can give you exactly what you are looking for.

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